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Linda Headland

"Lady in Purple"

Digital Painting

Most of my artwork originates from my imagination without the use of models or photo reference, as simplistic charcoal, pencil or pastel drawings of the human form or horse. This digital painting, "Lady in Purple" was created entirely from my imagination -- first as a quick pencil sketch later refined within Photoshop to evolve into a completed acrylic, oil or pastel paintings. Working intuitively in this way is very challenging, yet, I feel I've learned much from it. This method forces me to focus solely on expressing the essense of my subject. Thus, any unneccesary details are omitted and this in turn strengthens the form.

I attended the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, though, I am mostly self-taught, and perhaps, best known for my paintings of imaginary people and horses. I am a Charter Member of the Beaver Valley Artists, past president of the BVA and the organzation's webmaster. I'm also a member of the Pittsburgh Society of Artists, the Beaver Art Group, Cranberry Artists Network and the Merrick Art Commitee.

I accept portrait commissions, working from your photographs. I also, draw charcoal portraits from life at area art festivals.

The artwork displayed on this website falls under U.S. copyright laws and may not be reproduced without written permission from the artist.

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