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Marge Gardner

Snickers the Cat

"Snickers the Cat"


Oil painting is my favorite, but I also enjoy watercolors, pen and ink and colored pencil. The subject, for me, can be a landscape, still life, pets and more. Many of my pieces have a nostalgic theme. I really want to touch a heart felt memory with the viewer.

I have painted and studied with the students and teachers of the Beaver Art Group since 1989. The Beaver Valley Artists are also a great organization.

I want to paint the good memories of life. I also have been somewhat self-taught, with the many books I've studied. Why do we want to paint? It's a fun activity, a way to express our inner thoughts, dreams and visions, seen and unseen. I have paintings on display at numerous local establishments. The art is selling and commissions are welcome.

Marge Gardner


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